Skeleton Coast National Park

This park lies along a desolate stretch of the Atlantic coast, receiving less than an inch of rain a year. The park runs from the Ugab River to the Kunene. The northern half of the park is a designated wilderness area. Ancient ruins of boats and castles dot the coast, along with the whale skeleton’s for which it is named.

Further inland are dry river beds, which may only flow a few weeks a year. However just a few feet down there is enough water to support baboons, giraffes, lions, black rhinos and springbok. The water is reached by holes dug by elephants and the baboons.

Country: Namibia
Park Size: 6,200 sq. miles – 16,000km
Ecosystems: Desert coastal ecosystem, dunes, dry river beds
Wildlife: Lions, baboons, giraffes, desert elephant, black rhino, springbok, seals, seabirds
When to go: Year round
Highlights: Scenic flights, walking, game drives