Gombe Stream National Park

Tanzania smallest park is home to one of the last remaining wild populations of Chimpanzees on the continent. Founded by Jane Goodal this thin strip of forest on the shore of Lake Tanganyika can only be accessed by boat, but is well worth the journey.

Gombe is famous for its 200 chimpanzees and their many other species of monkeys that make the forested shores their home including red colobus, red-tail and blue monkeys. The dense vegetation makes it unsuitable habitat for carnivores so the park is safe for walking safaris. There are rewarding sightings for birdwatchers. Plan to stay 2 days to see the chimps as there is no guarantee of daily sightings.

To increase your chances of seeing the Chimps be sure to visit the research station, which rewards the chimps for dropping by with a banana. Often you will see one there and the researcher on duty may be able to steer you to a nearby group.

Country: Tanzania
Park Size: 32 sq. miles – 52 sq. kilometers
Ecosystems: Mountain forests, grasslands, alpine bamboo
Wildlife: Chimpanzees, Red Colobus, Red-tail Colobus, Blue Monkeys
When to go: July through October – December through February
Highlights: Chimpanzees sanctuary visit, research station visit, walking safari

Trips that Visit Gombe Stream National Park:
Gombe Stream Chimp Safari