Tloma Lodge


Fast Facts

Country: Tanzania

Location of Camp: Ngorongoro Highlands

Type of Safari Camp: Lodge

Rating (1-5+): 3+

Camp Accomodations: 34 guest bungalows with full ensuite bathrooms, in-room telephones, private verandas, and swimming pool. The main buiding houses the dining room, bar and sitting areas. There is also a gift shop and internet cafe.

Local Wildlife: 

When to Visit:  Year Round

Safari Activities at Camp: Ngorongoro Crater game drive, elephant cave hike, school visit, coffee tour.


Tloma Lodge

Located on the raised shoulder of a valley in the Ngorongoro highlands, Tloma Lodge offers a stunning view of the eastern wall of the Ngorongoro crater, as well as a local coffee plantation and a beautiful waterfall. Tloma lodge is styled after colonial-era farms, offering guests a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere surrounded by idyllic gardens. It has all the modern utilities including cell service, and internet connections.

The bunalows are very large with fireplaces and decks to take in the views.

The lodge is just 3 miles from the Ngorongoro Coservation Area gate. With an extraordinarily well groomed lawn in this private, gated lodge, guests can expect terrific service from a caring staff, as well as great food, much of which is grown in the gardens.